"Every military family makes special sacrifices...those families with children who have been diagnosed with autism have additional stresses as they cope with an extraordinarily complex bureaucracy to secure the support that these precious children deserve. Please support these children and their parents who have sacrificed so much.
~ Major General Mike Lehnert, USMC (Retired)

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ACT Today! for Military Families is making a positive difference in the lives of military families, one child at a time.

1 in 88 military children have autism.

Military families impacted by autism face extraordinary challenges.

Since July 2010, ATMF has helped many military children access effective treatments and quality of life supports which were previously unattainable.

Donate today and help a military child with autism.

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Two hours of ABA therapy.
Special needs summer camp: To teach a child to socialize and make friends; forms their first friendships.
Intensive behavioral therapy: Can teach a child to stop self-injurious behavior.
Every donation, both large and small, from corporations to individuals, is used to help make a difference in the life of a military child with autism. Thank you for your support!
See what else your gift can bring a child with autism!